Special Press Release

Don’t Miss the District Conference on August 4, 2012!  We’re breaking new ground, it’s only $60 and it’s a one day event.

Six terrific reasons why every Rotarian should attend.

 1. It will be an exciting day –we’ll demonstrate practical methods that any club can use to grow and sustain membership.

 2. Attendees will get in ¾ of a day what usually takes more than 2 full days - and at less than ½ the cost!

 3. We all know what our clubs are missing. This Conference will show you how to take action.

 4. We’ll demonstrate how to capitalize on fundraising events to build membership.

 5. Want to attract new members?  That’s covered too.  We all know that new members bring fresh energy and make clubs sustainable.

6.  Casual, GREEN and near the beach - the weather should be lovely – what better setting for a District Conference?  Plus, we’ll recycle all breakfast and lunch waste, making this a zero waste event.

If you stay for “Brewfest”, you’re in for an unusual microbrew tasting experience.  San Diego is the microbrew capital of the U.S.


Sign up at http://rotary5340.org today.  If you haven’t seen the conference promo video, watch it now   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvmr8v0PKjA&feature=plcp

See you there on August 4 – it’s an event not to be missed.