We sampled 2009 Line 39 North Coast Petite Syrah; a 2007 Nine Points Dry Creek Zinfandel; and a Gremark Syrahrose from Paso Robles. A Decoy Merlot was added to our stash.

A memorial for Jim Roche will be held at the Escondido Country Club. The specifics of the memorial will be announced shortly. Gordon put together a posterboard tribute to Jim and assembled an archive of Jim’s accomplishments. Do look both over.

Families of returning sailors and marines will receive wooden roses, thanks to the efforts of Jerry Zampa.

Our speaker was Alice Jacobs, of Brain Gain. Alice spoke to us about changes in the brain due to aging. She discussed the normal brain changes that accompany age, and talked about the non-normal incidence of stroke and both Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Three factors seem to be at work. We cannot do anything about genetics (at least not yet), but we can pay attention to two other factors. We can practice an active lifestyle with a balanced, portion-controlled diet with adequate Omega-3 oil and vitamin B-12 and we can get ample exercise, which benefits both the brain and the heart. Best of all, she encouraged us to enjoy two drinks a day. Twist my arm.