The wine list included a 2009 Silver Ridge California Merlot; a non-vintage Coppola Claret; a 2010 Napa Ridge Naa Valley Cabernet; a 3008 Rutherford Vintners Napa Valley Pinot Noir; a 2009 Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Shiraz from Australia; a 2010 Carmel Road Monterey Pinot Noir (the best of the lot, in my opinion); and (ta da) a Torrey Pines Rotary Club Cabernet. Good Grief! We are the wine club and giving our guests that swill? We should be ashamed!

Nancy Stoke was holding down the fort at the Care and Share Toy Table at the San Diego County Fair. She still needs volunteers, so if you want a free pass to the fair and a preferred parking pass (or if you know someone who does), let Nancy know. To make it easy to contact Nancy, her email address is

Tom’s demotion dinner will be held at 6:30 on Wednesday, June 27, at the Rock Bottom. Aarrive early to sample the special wines that the Wine Club will serve. If that’s the only reason why you show up, however, you should be ashamed of yourself.

District Governor, Larry Sundram, was our special guest. He initiated Jay Coggan into our club. Congratulations, Jay. Welcome into the club. Larry also fascinated us with a description of his recent Rotary trip to Pakistan. He also shared the good news that polio had been eradicated from one more country. Cases are now reported only in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. Perhaps we will wipe the disease out in our lifetime.