I found my notes. Our wines last week were a 2009 J Vineyards Pinot noir; a 2011 Picton Marlborough Sauvignon blanc; a 2009 Rodney Strong Sonoma County Merlot; and a 2010 Rodney Strong Northern California Sauvignon blanc.

This week, we enjoyed a 2010 Kendall Jackson Pinot noir; a 2006 Volnay premiere cru from Domaine Henri Delagrange; and a 2011 Le Manoir Sancerre.

Bill Irwin’s bike ride began today. You can follow his blog at www.torreypinesrotary.org/bikeblog12.html. If you need a reminder, Bill’s ride is raising money for the club foundation, and it’s his last ride. Gordon has given him a gift of mercy by encouraging him to adjust his route through New Jersey. We may see Bill again as a result.

Our speaker was Anne Bessinger (also from New Jersey), of Sullivan Solar Power. Anne spoke about the progress the solar power industry is making and the San Diego Solar Program. San Diego is the leading solar power city in the country.

We have a club assembly next week. If you‘re not there, you may be elected to an important and time-consuming position.