No medical updates this "Pitch".  Although I think Jim Likes' cane is hollow and can be filled with wine.  So many people missed the Valentine extravaganza because of illness that next year word is that we will have a meeting at Scripps for immunizations.

Guests  included Wade McKnight from Club 33, the managing partner of J.H. Cohn (accountants and consultants).  Bernard was sandwiched (easy Louise) between two French ladies, Chef Michel Stroot and Milene Sylvie Sean (La Jolla boutique).  Helping our speaker was Patricia van Damme, director of the executive MBA program at SDSU.  Let's try to entice them all over to the dark side.  That would be Torrey Pines Rotary.

Shelley told us about a RBB sponsored fund raiser in Balboa Park this Saturday night.  "Taste of San Diego Craft Brews" will be a beer and food pairing/auction.  Call Shelly for a discount.  Tom, with his camera, was Alan Funt revisited, as he shot anything that moved. 

Art Engle took us flying in his B-24 and other planes.  Power Point pictures showed a trail of strafing and bombing runs.  He punctuated his action shots with the title of his talk, "Fun Times".

There was a bored meeting afterwards.  Fuzzy math was the topic du jour.  The board approved $950 to move and store 1,649,215 stuffed animals (and other undetermined goodies).  These will benefit Nancy's Care N Share program beneficiaries, Rady Children's Hospital and Hospital Infantil.  Also, Rotary Power Hour was discussed as a future format for our weekly meetings.

Ed Itor - watch for the "News Brothers", Goodell and Goodman, upcoming.